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The year is 8,888, the Great Pengu War are almost over but at a great cost. All original penguins minds are gone or missing. One small faction, the V's, couldn't stand doing nothing and decided to save and protect all Penguins. By sacrificing their own Penguinity and with the blessing of the Mythic Bullwhale, they became one with the machines and created legendary weaponry.

Minted: 4444/4444 = 0 Left
Mint Price: 0.05 ETH

In order to avoid extinction, they traveled through time and brought their knowledge, their equipment and their scars.

It is now, the moment where you make history, only you and your Penguin can make a difference, join us, brother

There is not much time left...

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Claim your Penguins here if your eligible. If you own Pudgy Penguins or Wrapped Penguins you will be able to claim matching Mecha Penguins. You can claim your penguins using the button below!

Penguin on an iceberg

Mecha Penguins is an effort on compensating the original Penguins and helping them be a part of a community that cares and constantly builds while also adding more people to said community in order to build together.

There are a lot of plans for Mecha Penguins but the more important thing here, is you, without your support, your ideas and your drive, we couldn't create this new world.